Painting Detail, "At The Window" Acrylic on Canvas. 24x36." Cally Curtis, Artist. Sold.



"Leukothea, Greek Goddess of the Sea." Soft-sculpture CallyWally made of fabric, faux foliage and Sculpey oven-baked clays. Approx. 12" tall.

Whenever there’s opportunity to express my creativity, I’m honored and thrilled.

I work as a designer, artist and teaching artist  – both by myself and in collaboration with others.

I’ve partnered with museums, seminaries, churches, school systems, universities, recreation centers and other community organizations.

My projects with them include customized arts workshops, camps and individual artistic events for people of all ages – children, adults and senior citizens.

"Flowers," by Zoe. Children's Art Project. Mixed-Media. The Clifton School, Atlanta, GA.

My commission work is wide-ranged. I’ve made unique, soft-sculpture sea goddesses for a yachting décor company. Created murals for libraries and paintings for private patrons. Designed theatre sets and team-building liturgical art workshops. Plus, a few other things in between.


Rates are negotiable. They vary from project to project and depend on original design, materials, time, travel, etc. Pricing is reasonable and delivery dates are assured.

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To view examples of my work, click here.

If you’re looking for a designer, artist or teaching artist, please contact me.

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