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Liturgical Art Workshops


Liturgical ArtFests are team-building workshops with a purpose: to experience and share Christian love with one another through the gift of art.

Working together, participants create a significant collaborative work of art.

All workshops are turn-key. They can be a stand-alone event, an aspect of your overall programming or a fun conclusion to a long day of meetings.

If you’d like a workshop tailored your event, please contact me.

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Pentecost or Holy Spirit Chandelier (Contemporary Art/Recycled plastic water bottles) – inspired by renown artist, Dale Chihuly.

For themes centered around the Holy Spirit life patterns, light or illumination, caring  for the Earth. Participants create a luminous, majestic 8′ chandelier made of clear, recycle plastic bottles.  Available in warm or cool colors.



Wall-Hanging (Contemporary Art/Hardware, jewelry and recycled materials)

For themes on transformation and spiritual renewal; taking that which is broken, old or unused and transforming it into something completely new and holy.

Each participant creates a small cross as a symbol of renewed purpose out of objects that would otherwise be discarded. All crosses are then assembled patch-work style on one large frame to create a spectacular 4’ x 6’ wall-hanging with a central gold cross.



Prayer Flags (Tibet/Textiles)

For themes around worship, praise, gifts of the Holy Spirit, the breath of God or celebrating any liturgical season or group event.

Participants embellish their prayer flags with symbols, verses, phrases or simple drawings. As color is symbolic, flag colors are available by liturgical season. Completed flags are strung together and suspended so that when the wind moves or blows them, your blessings are carried to others. May be used indoors or outside.



Lighted Labyrinth Workshop (Interfaith/Natural Materials)

Ideal for themes centered on our spiritual journey. This workshop is a powerful conduit for spiritual growth, meditation and reflection.

Only for large groups. The largest part of the group creates the luminaries while the other maps out the labyrinth. All come together to place the luminaries on the labyrinth pathway.



Considerations:  What are the basics to think about?

  • The message you want to convey through the art work
  • Where it will be used or displayed
  • Who will be viewing the art
  • Number and age-range of workshop participants
  • Time available for the workshop (at least 1.5 to 4 hours/or 1 to 4 sessions)
  • Budget allocation for the project
  • Workshop location (usually on-site at your facility)

Purpose:  How do you make the project work contextually with your event?

  • Reflect and support your group’s theme, mission or goals
  • Commemorate a person or event
  • Celebrate a liturgical season (Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Ordinary Time, Christmas, etc.)
  • Recognize a field of service or ministry (leadership, peace and justice, community outreach, women, men, youth, children, etc.)
  • Base it on a Biblical text, person or event
  • Communicate an appreciation of other races and cultures (cross-cultural relationships, beliefs, Black History Month, etc.)
  • Honor the artistry of a specific culture, country or region
  • Provide a means of studying and exploring the creation of religious art and artifacts

Installation:  Do you have a specific use or display location in mind for the finished piece?

  • A church sanctuary, fellowship hall, narthex, etc.
  • The walls of a school gym or cafeteria
  • Along hospital hallways or in rooms
  • The lounge of a women’s shelter
  • The activities room of an orphanage
  • The common room of a retirement home
  • For décor at the closing session of a conference or seminar
  • A mission ministry at home or overseas



Flower Button for site.  Crismon Ornaments (Europe/New and recycled materials)

Flower Button for site.  Stencil Potato Print Floor or Altar Cloth (Southern Africa/Black History Month/Textiles)

Flower Button for site.  Illuminated Manuscript Journals (Early Church/Collage)

Flower Button for site.  Sacred Geometry Mandala Banner (Early Church/India/Textiles)

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If you’d like a workshop tailored your event, please contact me.

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