Detail from "Summer Hat" painting. Cally Curtis, Artist.


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Detail from "African Dancers," by Cally Curtis. Acrylic on Cardboard.

The people and cultures I’ve enjoyed in my life and travels are evident in many of my paintings.

I work primarily in acrylics on canvas. Sometimes, I mix in other media for added interest and texture.

Fabric design. Fashions from bygone eras. People. Nature. The play of light. Music. Animals. Whatever around me captures my attention. Well, there’s a pretty good likelihood of it showing up in my work.

When it comes to style, I pay attention to who the primary audience will be – particularly if the piece is for children. That’s why my styles range from storybook to a more advanced approach.

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Painting Detail, "Mother's Coffee Service." Acrylic on Canvas. 24x36." Cally Curtis, Artist. For Sale.

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