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Detail, Detail, "Mami-Wata, African Sea Goddess." CallyWally Soft-Sculpture Wall Art, Mixed Media, Approx. 12" tall. Cally Curtis, Artist. Sold.

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My projects can be functional, decorative or both. They are often designed for specific functions and may sometimes be larger-than-life. Mostly, their purpose is to create excitement and heighten the ambience of a place or event.


"Leukothea, Greek Goddess of the Sea." An original CallyWally Soft-Sculpture. Wall-Art. Mixed Media. Approx. 12" tall. Cally Curtis, Artist. Sold.

CallyWallys are soft-sculpture wall art. They are completely original and show my sense of whimsy. They look especially super in shadow boxes.

All are about 12″ high, made from polymer clays, scrap pieces of fabric, lace and small bits of bling. A hook is on the back for display if needed.

“Leukothea,” the CallyWally from my “Sea Goddess” series pictured here, was specifically made for a yacht decor company needing a nautical theme.


Detail, "Insook," Asian 3-D Angel Canopy piece. Acrylic on Masonite. Mixed-Media, 96" x 48." Cally Curtis, Artist. Sold.

The “Angel Canopy” installation consisted of four separate angels representing different ethnic groups. They were constructed on Masonite, painted on both sides and embellished with faux flowers, gemstones, ribbons, feather wings and iridescent paints.

Each angel was suspended from a corner of the room. Strands of twinkle lights strung from their hands led to a ceiling center point to form a star-lit canopy.  Magical!

"Egyptian Gods," by Cally Curtis. Acrylic on Pineboard. Each panel 48" x 96." Michael C. Carlos Museum.

My “Egyptian Deity” work was a 5-panel installation for Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory in Atlanta, GA, the South’s premier museum of ancient art. It was created using huge, individual 8′ x 4′ pine board panels of significant Egyptian mythological deities.


Hand-painted Wall Cabinet. Acrylic on wood. Approx. 14" x 24." Cally Curtis, Artist.

I can give a customized finish to almost any piece of furniture. I also paint floor cloths.

For this I use paints, faux and distressed finishes, glazes, stencils and other techniques to achieve the needed effect.

My ideas often come from indigenous designs from around the world. As my sister likes to say, no surface is safe with me around!

"The Good Shepherd," Stained Glass design for Ebeneezer Methodist Church, Belize City, Belize. Cally Curtis, Artist.

 Stained-glass design is another interest. This window created for Ebenezer Methodist Church in Belize, Central America, is called “The Good Shepherd.”

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